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The cornerstone of this section, and a good starting point, is a series of information bulletins referred to as 'GalvInfoNotes.' The GalvInfoNotes serve as an excellent primer on the terminology and use of zinc-or metallic-coated steel sheet, similar to a 'frequently-asked-questions' section - but with more detail. The GalvInfoNotes will open in a new browser window as Adobe Acrobat documents.

GalvInfo Notes Table of Contents
  For Use With Printed Collections of GalvInfoNotes (file size 64 kb)
1. Metallic-Coated Products and Specifications
1.1 Understanding Coating Weight Designations for  Zinc-Based Coatings on Steel Sheet (file size148 kb)
1.2 Hot-Dip Coated Sheet Products

(file size 55 kb)

1.3 Galvanneal - Differences from Galvanize (file size 245 kb)
1.4 55% Aluminum-Zinc Alloy-Coated Steel Sheet

(file size 308 kb)

1.5 ASTM Standards for Coated Sheet Products (file size 46 kb)
1.6 Selecting Coating Thickness (Weight or Mass) for Galvanized Steel Sheet Products

(file size 85 kb)

1.7 Advantages of Metallic-Coated Steel Framing in Residential Buildings

(file size 88 kb)

1.8 Steels Used in Coated Sheet Products

(file size 246 kb)

1.9 Zinc-5% Aluminum Alloy-Coated Steel Sheet

(file size 359 kb)

1.10 Useful Galvanized Sheet Metrics

(file size 319 kb)

2. Coating Processes and Surface Treatments


The Continuous Hot-Dip Coating Process for Steel Sheet Products

(file size 102 kb)

The Continuous Electroplating Process for Steel Sheet Products

(file size 57 kb)

Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing versus General (Batch) Galvanizing

(file size 377 kb)
2.4 The Role of Aluminum in Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing (file size 268 kb)

Zinc Bath Management on Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Lines

(file size 177 kb)

Control of Coating Weight (Mass) for Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanized Sheet Products

(file size 218 kb)

The Spangle on Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

(file size 244 kb)
2.7 Galvanizing – The Use of Chemical Fluxes (file size 43 kb)

Improving Uniformity of Appearance

(file size 126 kb)
2.9 Treatments for Enhancing Formability (file size 99 kb)
2.10 Imparting Resistance to Storage Stain (file size 136 kb)
2.11 Preparing Galvanize for Field Painting (file size 95 kb)
2.12 Pretreatments for Metallic-Coated Sheet (file size 114 kb)
2.13 Treatments for Resistance to Handling and Fingerprint Marks (file size 62 kb)

3. Corrosion – Mechanisms, Prevention, and Testing


How Zinc Protects Steel

(file size 65 kb)

Protecting Galvanized Steel Sheet Products from Storage Stain

(file size 426 kb)

Dark-Colored Stains on Galvannealed Sheet

(file size 193 kb)

The Salt Spray Test

(file size 41 kb)

Fretting Corrosion (Transit Abrasion) on Galvanized Sheet

acrobat icon (file size 206 kb)

Galvanic/Bimetallic (including Cut Edge)
Corrosion of Galvanized Sheet

acrobat icon (file size 1.52 Mb)

4. Prepainted Metallic-Coated Steel Sheet


Introduction to Painted, Metallic-Coated, Steel Sheet Products

(file size 56 kb)

Prepainted Metallic-Coated Steel Sheet for Building Panels – Assuring Good Performance

(file size 135 kb)

Repair Painting of Prepainted Metallic-Coated Steel Sheet

(file size 71 kb)

5. General Coated Sheet Topics


Hardness Measurement of Coated Sheet

(file size 53 kb)

Zinc Grades Used for Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing

acrobat icon (file size 119 kb)

6. Using Metallic-Coated Steel Sheet
6.1 Successfully Shipping and Storing Galvanized Steel Sheet acrobat icon (file size 1.39 Mb)
6.2 Successfully Designing Products made with Galvanized Steel Sheet acrobat icon (file size 638 kb)
6.3 Successfully Manufacturing Products made with Galvanized Sheet acrobat icon (file size 1.4 Mb)